4. Always try to find a Doctor who HEARS you...

4. Always try to find a Doctor who HEARS you...

Last November, my brothers came to town and frog-marched me through the streets of Disneyland. My family are huge Disneyphiles, we have gone literally dozens of times and I can draw you a map from memory. But we also have a specific "Czajkowski Way" of doing things. We attack the park, get there early, see everything, and don't leave 'til the fireworks are done. 

 I had made the mistake of wearing new sneakers during this "ride or die" excursion to the Happiest Place on earth.  The result was a blister the side of a junior Mousekateer ear. 

I ended up at the MPTF Toluca Lake Health Center, taking the first available appointment. I will say this, when you find a doctor you "click" with or you feel "hears" you, try and stick with them. In this case I met Dr R. who was direct and incredibly thorough. 

My decision has proven incredibly wise over the last year, specifically when investigating the thyroid cancer. So when I rolled into her office again that Monday June 24th to talk about the breast lump, she was appreciatively concerned. 

"Hmmm, oh yeah, that's definitely something to be looked at," she murmured.

"So is it cancer?" Collin asked.

"Well we can't say yet. I'm going to refer you for a mammogram and an ultrasound, so we can get a better idea. I'm sorry you have to deal with this."

She was so full of compassion, I almost started balling right there.

"But there's a 80% chance its nothing right?" That was Collin again. (He had jumped down the "Google hole" this time.)

"I can't say anything 'til we know more" she said firmly. Which is fair, as she's not a psychic, which is actually too bad cause that would be an awesome combination.

So we trotted down to see Marco in  radiology, whom I had literally seen four days earlier, to schedule my newest test, only three days after my surgery.

Whoever said that crap about how God doesn't give you more than you can handle... I'd like a word with that asshole.

5. You can slit my throat, but please don't take my voice!

5. You can slit my throat, but please don't take my voice!

3. A week before thyroid surgery, and I felt myself up...