Welcome! However you've stumbled here - a sad late-night Google search, an accidental misspelling of some Latin phrase, or a desire to see how two people you don't know are dealing with some nasty medical crap - we're glad to have you and hope you're okay.  Seriously. Especially you Latin word freaks... you guys need friends. 

We are Stephanie and Collin - and so we are clear, so far only one of us has cancer, but sometimes you need to hear from the care-giver dudes as well. We have been married for seven years and currently call L.A. home. This whole medical "bone-storm" hit us as a bit of surprise, but we are trying to make the best of it in the only way we know how, embracing the absurdity of it all while hoping our experience can lend some comfort to the other "genetic losers" out there.

Because sometimes, you need to laugh at the problems that make you want to hug your knees as you sit in the shower as hot water pours over your shoulders... and this hot shower, knee hugging time is now.

Hope you like our musings, and they make you feel not so alone.... except for that guy behind you!!!!  Kidding, seriously, it'll work out... it's gonna for us. And it will for you.

Fuck cancer.