If you are wondering where "ChemoSkinny?" came from, well, let us tell ya... 

The answer comes from the woman pictured below, the late Cheri Mandli Czajkowski Hood. In 2003 she was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer  Primary Amyloidosis, and, as one does, she dropped an insane amount of weight. Prior to her diagnoses, she had credited her weight loss to giving up Coca-Cola for Lent. But as she got skinnier she started seeing other symptoms...

image1 (1).jpg

Cheri, the inspiration for this exercise in smiling through it all.

One day, while putting on a pair of jeans which were almost falling off her, Steph remarked that she was the size of the celebrities the Supermarket tabloids. 

Cheri laughed and said "Well,  I may not have hair, but at least I'm Chemo-Skinny!"

Honestly, she didn't care. But if you are one of the people who has had to deal with the suck-fest that is cancer, then you, know just like Steph does and Cheri did, you gotta find reasons to laugh. 

So we decided to chronicle our journey (barf), because it is a twisted trip full of absurd moments, laugh-out-loud situations, and some things that just need to be documented for posterity.  And the really inappropriate jokes you should find here if we do it right? Cher would have wanted it that way.